Sunday, December 6, 2009

Love is born

Christmas is coming and I have never been more excited. As I've grown I've gotten less excited for the things I did as a little girl. Yet I am as joyful as I was when I was 6 on Christmas eve looking at the lit tree and all the unopened presents. And if it was the traditions that I looked forward to so much I wouldn't even say it is that that excites me as much as just simply being with family. Point being that my surroundings, conditions, and expectations of what Christmas looks like has evolved these past years being away from home. There is an unchanging grace remaining in Christmas that wants to flood our hearts.
This month is the most perfect month. The most hopeful. I wonder why everyone wants another to experience this time with all holiday events and decorations and family- people just want somebody to hold and to love and i would say the feeling and longing for love stirs in everyone's hearts right about now. But could it be because this IS the month of love?! It truly is. This is the month Jesus was born into the world for us. This is when we have meaning to live for. This is when we have eternal life. When we become free from everything we were born into. SO free. This is the sweetest time because there is hope and love and new life.
The night before Christmas this world was so lost. Unto us a SAVIOR is born!!
Thank you thank you thank you.

Lets make it a point to love people like we have been so unconditionally loved.

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